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Cancer, like all disease, calls us to recognize and transform the unexamined patterns of our life so that we can reach a greater state of health. Our doctors and staff are here for you to help address illness on a deeper level. Our office will feel like a home to you, our goal is to make sure every patient feels comfortable and respected.

Our providers have undergone further training in Anthroposophic Medicine, a 100 year old system of integrative medicine practised in over 60 countries, in both hospital and outpatient clinical settings. It appreciates the entire human being in making a diagnosis and therapy. The body, soul and spirit of the patient are acknowledged as well as their unique life story. To us, the mission of Anthroposophic medicine is to “Humanize Medicine”.

Integrative Cancer Services

We focus on healing your whole body by helping you improve your lifestyle and diet, introducing therapeutic movement, finding key supportive natural remedies, and more. We know cancer is life changing and difficult, this is why we believe you should have every possible treatment option available to benefit you.

Metronomic Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is used conventionally in the highest dose possible to quickly kill the maximum possible amount of cancer cells. In situations where the cancer is…

Healing Heat

We use the latest technology to provide whole body warming to fever temperatures in a safe medical environment. Fever is detoxifying, immune stimulating, and has…

Integrative Oncologist Consultation

It is very difficult to obtain a balanced opinion regarding complementary care from an oncologist in the United States. Usually, without knowing anything about a…

Repurposed Medications

Many generic drugs and supplements have been found to possess potent anti-cancer effects. Cancer cells feed and grow by absorbing nutrients. By blocking access to…

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We offer sessions in our hyperbaric chambers to increase the amount of oxygen in thebody. This, in turn, increases the oxygen in cancer cells, which…

Mistletoe Cancer Therapy

We view mistletoe as foundational to integratively approaching cancer treatment. When used by an experienced cancer specialist, studies have demonstrated that mistletoe improves patient outcomes,…

We are Pioneers In the Services We Offer

In Europe, integrative medicine is much more of the norm. Mistletoe is used by more than 75% of people who have cancer together with their other treatments. It is our mission to provide innovative, integrative options to those in the United States.

Our Team

Mark Hancock MD MPH


Mark Hancock, MD, MPH founded Humanizing Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, together with his wife Enid, in 2015. The clinic is strongly rooted in the couple’s belief that everyone should have quality integrative healthcare options. Dr. Hancock has worked with Anthroposophic Medicine, which originally introduced mistletoe as a cancer care therapy over one hundred years ago, for his entire professional career. Dr Hancock graduated summa cum laude from Saint George’s Medical School in 2008 and was elected Chief Resident during his training at University of New Mexico Hospital. He was introduced to the advanced use of mistletoe by Dr. Maurice Orange, greatly impacting his life course. Dr. Hancock’s journey through life has been full and varied and has taken him through art, philosophy, science, and even some farm work, before ultimately landing in medicine. Read about his journey and medical philosophy at HumanizingMedicine.com.

Petra Ketterl MD

Integrative Oncologist

Petra Ketterl, MD, is a fellowship-trained Medical Oncologist, practicing since 1993. Born in southern Germany, where an anthroposophic approach to medicine is well-known, Dr. Ketterl carried these principals with her when she moved to the U.S. and attended medical school at ETSU. After graduation, residency and fellowship, she opened a private practice for Medical Oncology, which she operated for 9 years before joining Cancer Treatment Centers of America as a Medical Oncologist for 15 years, also serving as a Physician Advisor. She currently lives in East Tennessee, where she serves as an oncology consultant for Dr. Hancock at Humanizing Medicine. She met Dr. Hancock in 2017, at a symposium for Integrated Cancer Treatment, where she learned about his Mistletoe Cancer Therapy practice.

Renee Griner NP

Nurse Practitioner

Renee is a Doctor of Nursing Practice with over 13 years of oncology experience and 30 years of experience in the medical field. Renee is a native of Atlanta, GA and has practiced in multiple healthcare arenas throughout the country. She has worked in various areas of oncology and fell in love with cancer patients by their strength, courage and fighting spirit. She obtained her Doctorate degree from Troy University and continues to expand her knowledge in bringing integrative medicine into the oncology arena. She is the founder of After the Ribbon, a nonprofit foundation established in 2012 to support patients, families and caregivers through educational and community outreach programs after a diagnosis of cancer. The goal of After the Ribbon is to offer a hometown place of hope for all cancer patients and provide a community of support through one of the most challenging times in a patient’s life. She is happy to be settled in Columbus, GA after her husband’s Army retirement. She is married to the love of her life of 29 years, husband Rhett and three amazing children: Brittany, Rhett II and Jackson and one beautiful grandson, Banks. Renee and her family enjoy traveling, watching/ playing sports and spending time together. She is passionate about her faith and her calling to support her family, patients and community.

Cheney Davis ND, NP

Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse Practitioner

Dr Cheney has a deep interest in holistic medicine. She specializes in gut microbiome and optimal hormone health. She has trained in using mistletoe and works closely with Dr Hancock.

Corinne Horan

Therapeutic Eurythmist

Therapeutic eurythmy works on the principle that every consonant and vowel has a corresponding gesture, and that these are linked with specific areas or organs of the human body. By doing specific movement sequences we one can have a specific effects on health.

Jesse Hines

Art Facilitator

Jesse Hines facilitates art therapy sessions and provides compassionate support as a patient coordinator at Humanizing Medicine. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in art therapy with an emphasis in counseling, in addition to studying anthroposophical artistic therapy through a postgraduate therapeutic visual arts program. She lives in Avondale Estates with her husband and teenage daughter. In her free time, Jesse enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and creating art.

Courtney Helmick RN

Infusion Nurse

Courtney is an amazing nurse!

Unique Allen LPN

Infusion Nurse

Nurse Unique has over 7 years of experience as a practical nurse and over 14 years experience in healthcare. She has worked in various major healthcare systems and clinics in a vast number of specialities. She is kind, gentle and loves taking her time to care for each patient she meets daily. Unique enjoys the outdoors, coffee, yoga and spending time with friends, family and being a busy Mom of 2 and a Maltipoo.

Jacqueline Hancock

Medical Assistant

Jacqueline is compassionate and gentle and is always bustling around the clinic, getting everything done. Ask her about England while she is taking your vitals.

Michaela Bracone

Assistant Clinic Director

Michaela has a tender heart and a knack for accomplishing things in the world. She keeps everything running smoothly for all our patients and staff.

Chima Ezulike


Chima has a kind heart and an agile mind. She often anticipates the things that are needed so well that we think she has psychic powers.

Enid Hancock

Clinic Director

Enid provides a number of healing services, including footbaths, compresses, external applications, and einreibung ( a type of very gentle massage with healing oils). She has extensive education in the medicinal properties of plants, and uses a variety of natural ingredients to aid the healing process, based on each patient’s individual needs. Enid’s passion for healing has always been evident – at age 6 she was already applying poultices and compresses for her siblings and friends. After studying at the Goetheanum, the world headquarters of the anthroposophical movement, and touring anthroposophic hospitals and pharmacies in Switzerland, she knew she wanted to be a part of a medical practice that combines modern and alternative treatments to best help each patient on their journey to healing. In addition to her work at Humanizing Medicine, Enid is a trained Waldorf teacher and mother to 6 lively girls.

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Our Patient Experiences

Though one patient's experience is not predictave of everyone's response to a treatment, we hope you find these as inspiring as we do.