We view mistletoe as foundational to integratively approaching cancer treatment. When used by an experienced cancer specialist, studies have demonstrated that mistletoe improves patient outcomes, increases survival rates, and improves quality of life.

Mistletoe not only has compounds that can kill cancer cells, it also positively affects the person taking it. Mistletoe addresses underlying constitutional issues that may have initially triggered the cancer.

Humanizing Medicine is a pioneer of Mistletoe Cancer Therapy in the United States. Our founding physician Mark Hancock MD has co-authored a groundbreaking book on mistletoe use in oncology and is a core faculty member teaching other providers the nuances of mistletoe use. Mistletoe is legal to use but not yet approved by the FDA. While it is still considered an investigative treatment here, a favorable phase 1 clinical trial has been completed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. A phase 2 trial is planned. Extensive studies prove Mistletoe is a safe and effective treatment. For over 100 years, it has had widespread use in Western Europe, where it is combined with conventional cancer treatments in up to 75% of cancer cases.

Mistletoe therapy can be intensified by coming to our clinic for high dose intravenous infusions to dramatically increase the levels of anti-cancer lectins and viscotoxins. Infusions start as an induction period (from 2-6 weeks) with frequent visits, then a maintenance phase of regular visits. The timing of these can be adjusted according to imaging and lab results. In specific instances, Dr Hancock can inject tumors directly or induce cancer killing fevers using
an intentional high dose.