2021-2022 Student Program

Calendula seeds

Are you a pre-med student, medical student, resident, nursing student, or another student of the healing arts?

Medicine has become increasingly challenging- not just to keep up with technological advances, but to retain the burning desire to heal that inspired us to join medicine from the beginning. This program allows you to join others around the country and intends to help you cultivate resilience, to care for your inner flame while caring for others.

Webinars: Four sessions are planned, specifically for people to learn more about AM during their training. They will be about half presentation, half discussion time. They are all recorded and recordings can be accessed for free by contacting paam@anthroposophy.org

  • October 21: 8:30-10pm Six Basic meditative exercises Debra Gambrell
  • January 13: 8:30-10pm Learning about the Integrative/Anthroposophic hospitals in Europe (what would your ideal hospital look like?) David Martin and Christoph Holtermann, with premed student Destiny Nolen
  • March 10: 8:30-10pm Expanding your diagnostic lens through AM  Adam Blanning
  • May 26: 8:30-10pm Meeting Ethical Challenges with Integrative Medicine- an Anthroposophic Approach Mark Hancock

Discussion Sessions: In person short presentations and group discussions with artistic exercises will be held the evening before each webinar. The topic will reflect the webinar topic. No fee to attend. 5pm to 6:30pm at the clinic.

  • October 20
  • January 12
  • March 9
  • May 25

Practical work in the clinic: Learn the basics of external herbal compresses, footbath, vital signs, and more. All of our providers, nurses, and therapeutic Eurythmists can be accompanied during regular patient visits. This is flexible time and may be scheduled with the clinic by calling us (470)- 891 8140 or emailing.

Podcasts: Inspiring interviews by Debra Gambrell coming up!

Weekend Conference: planned for June 10-12, 2022, which will be hosted by Humanizing Medicine in Atlanta. Goals are for it to be very experiential, a beautiful community experience, low cost. Conference plan and speakers to be announced soon.