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It is very difficult to obtain a balanced opinion regarding complementary care from an oncologist in the United States. Usually, without knowing anything about a therapy or supplement, the default position is to not use anything more than conventional medications.

With Dr Petra Ketterl MD, things are refreshingly different. She has several decades of experience as an oncologist who has made a point to see the value of integrative therapies. She understands the conventional therapies and can weigh them together with other options. She is dedicated to helping patients answer their questions. She has experience in diet, supplements, metronomic chemotherapy, repurposed medications, mistletoe and is a true asset to have on your team.

The Initial Consult with Dr Ketterl Includes:

  • Record review, and discussion of these records
  • Education about conventional, integrative or alternative choices… as well as
  • A review of your health in general and the cancer in specific, and
  • A plan and guidance to treat the whole person and your cancer will be discussed.

The consult may occur in person, online per Skype or per phone, as you prefer. We will be glad to discuss our plan with your primary care physician or your oncologist.

Costs of Consultations

It is important to understand that we will not file with your insurance for Dr Ketterl’s services, and the services are not covered by insurance. We can provide a billing statement, which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is unlikely that the service will be covered.

Your Initial Consult costs $600 and is due at the time of service. Consultation follow-ups are $125 per 15 minutes.

Regular follow-ups by phone, Skype or in-person ensure you have the most comprehensive care possible.

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