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Supportive Therapies

Artistic Therapy

The aim of artistic therapy is to restore balance to the whole human being by utilizing the creative process. The focus is not on the end product, but rather on entering into an immersive experience with painting, clay modeling, or drawing.

Artistic Therapy can:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Harmonize emotions
  • Promote clarity in thinking
  • Deepen personal insight
  • Strengthen self-determination

Therapeutic Eurythmy

Eurythmy Therapy is a renewed form of movement therapy designed to harness the innate healing powers of the human being to overcome illness and restore balance. It is a therapy within Anthroposophic Medicine that treats the entire human being in body, soul and spirit.

Eurythmy Therapy can:

  • Help the individual access deeper healing capacities
  • Reduce stress, enhance wellbeing
  • Counteract disease processes
  • Support child development
  • Eurythmy Therapy is offered by Corinne Horan, a certified specialist.

Treating the Whole Patient – Mind, Body and Spirit

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