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Cancer, like all disease, calls us to recognize and transform the unexamined patterns of our life so that we can reach a greater state of health. Our doctors and staff are here for you to help address illness on a deeper level. Our office will feel like a home to you, our goal is to make sure every patient feels comfortable and respected.

Our providers have undergone further training in Anthroposophic Medicine, a 100 year old system of integrative medicine practised in over 60 countries, in both hospital and outpatient clinical settings. It appreciates the entire human being in making a diagnosis and therapy. The body, soul and spirit of the patient are acknowledged as well as their unique life story. To us, the mission of Anthroposophic medicine is to “Humanize Medicine”.

About Our Team

We are a team dedicated to treating the whole patient – mind, body and spirit – using anthroposophic and integrative treatments. We offer innovative cancer treatments, including Mistletoe Cancer Therapy, which can enhance conventional cancer treatment and improve outcomes and quality of life. We offer additional healing services such as foot baths, herbal compresses and eurythmy (a type of movement therapy). We believe in healing the underlying problem to create a transformative event in a person’s life. We are honored to be a part of that process.

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Our providers welcome the opportunity to meet with you briefly to discuss your healthcare needs and how we may be able to support you.

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We also provide enrollment in our direct primary care program that can be a replacement for, or supplement to, traditional health insurance plans.

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What Our Patient’s Say


I am so grateful for Dr Mark, the clinic, and the caring staff there. You have given me a reason and a path to hope for a future no one else could. You have been kind and caring during the most stressful time of my life. It is obvious to

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When I think of Dr. Hancock’s office, I feel extremely blessed to have found his practice. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at 36. I was faced with making decisions that were extremely limited as to options for this type of Breast Cancer. After one round of Chemotherapy

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My name is Shannon Jones, I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 9-19-19 during a colonoscopy ordered due to symptoms of fatigue and anemia. They found a mass in the colon and I immediately called the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta, a comprehensive cancer treatment facility. I did

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Lori D.

“In May 2018 I reached out to Dr. Mark after a reoccurrence of breast cancer (TNBC). I had a very large tumor in my left breast and my objective was to shrink it and then have a lumpectomy. In doing my research I read that it was possible to shrink

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Dawn R.

“When diagnosed with cancer, one of the first thoughts is who do I trust and most trust their oncologist. You are also told do not go on the internet. But the internet will provide you with many choices. Most oncologists I have experienced do cut, chemo and radiation and the

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