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Healing Heat

We use the latest technology to provide whole body warming to fever temperatures in a safe medical environment. Fever is detoxifying, immune stimulating, and has been demonstrated in studies to induce cancer cell death. The goal of the dome sauna is to mimic this fever state. With targeted electromagnetic application, using the patented Thermofield device, we can heat tumors to temperatures that are potentially toxic to cancer cells but tolerated by healthy cells. These treatments are synergistic in many cancers with mistletoe use and conventional therapies such as radiation. In our clinical experience we have seen robust responses as well as reduction in pain. Local heat applications last 45 minutes and are performed 2-3 times per week for a series of weeks.

Targeted tissue heating, or local hyperthermia, may be the oldest therapeutic modality- even today the hot water bottle is still highly valued. Therapeutic hyperthermia has been researched and performed in integrative cancer centers around the world. Regularly heating tumors up to temperatures of 107.6F can have a synergistic and sometimes dramatic antitumor effect.

Many studies have shown that Local Hyperthermia can:

  • Favorably Alter the Tumor Microenvironment
  • Improve Chemotherapy Efficacy up to 500%
  • Improve Radiation Efficacy up to 300%
  • Reduce Cancer Pain
  • Induce Cancer Cells Apoptosis (cell death)
  • Improve Tumor Control and Increase Survival
  • Help Immunotherapy work more effectively

Most hyperthermia devices use heating elements that direct heat from the outside into the targeted area (usually a tumor). This has some serious drawbacks as the skin usually overheats and the target tissue is inadequately heated. The Thermofield device is revolutionary: it safely heats the target directly by transmitting a large volume of electromagnetic energy deep into the targeted tissue. The applicator pad is about the size of a large index card and is typically placed over the tumor- it does not heat up- the energy directly heats your deep body tissues. The risk of a burn is low- about 1/10,000.

Treatments are generally easily tolerated, comfortable, and last about 45 minutes.
The ideal frequency is 2-3x per week for a month or more. Treatments can be consecutive or spaced every other day. Almost any tumor type can be targeted including breast, prostate, liver and bone. There are several studies showing potential synergy with radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Synergy with botanical remedies has also been studied- including berberine, curcumin, and mistletoe. Hyperthermia increases the uptake of chemotherapy by cancer cells by between 1000% and 3000%, making this a good pair with low dose chemotherapy.

The Thermofield is not yet FDA approved for the treatment of any condition. There are no guarantees of benefit or treatment response.

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