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When I think of Dr. Hancock’s office, I feel extremely blessed to have found his practice. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at 36. I was faced with making decisions that were extremely limited as to options for this type of Breast Cancer. After one round of Chemotherapy and having such a bad reaction, I decided to pursue a different route. I was referred to Dr. Hancock and he was just what I was looking for and more. I did a fever therapy using Mistletoe which helped ramp up my immune system to fight the cancer. Dr. Hancock also did an injection using Mistletoe straight into the tumor which could easily be felt. I have since learned that not all doctors do this so I was happy to have this offered to me as well. I did 6 weeks of this therapy leading up to my surgery. I have done blood test and scans since and I am extremely happy to announce I have been free of Cancer since July 4th 2020.

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