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Dawn R.

“When diagnosed with cancer, one of the first thoughts is who do I trust and most trust their oncologist. You are also told do not go on the internet. But the internet will provide you with many choices. Most oncologists I have experienced do cut, chemo and radiation and the treatments are not always effective or individualized. I initially had 3C Ovarian cancer, went through the typical treatment and it came back and was treated again and then was fortunate enough through my internet research to find Dr. Mark. He uses an individualized approach to treat your cancer that has been proven to be successful in Europe. My numbers continue to improve as well as my overall health and labs. He treats the whole body and it is very comforting to see other patients walk in and tell their success story. Dr Mark is a very calm spirit who does not get into your head with negative thoughts. The mind is powerful and he is compassionate, individualized and I have had no side effects from the treatment. The costs are very reasonable due to his desire to treat instead of greed. I just wish I had found him earlier but am thankful I found him now. Patients should have a choice and I choose Dr. Mark.”

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