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Jim Kelly

“I would heartily recommend that any cancer patient (especially a stage 4 cancer patient) contact Humanizing Medicine and set up a consultation with Dr. Mark Hancock. Dr. Hancock is a very caring physician who has a tremendous heart to help his patients. He and his staff are very kind and have a loving attitude toward their clientele.

Dr. Hancock is a doctor who does a lot of research and he is not afraid to think outside the box. He prescribes repurposed prescription medications, supplements, mistletoe and IV vitamin C, and diet among other things that have been shown to be effective in fighting various cancers. Dr. Petra Ketterl is an integrative oncologist who works with Dr. Hancock and likewise she thinks outside the box of conventional medicine, advocating the best of conventional medicine while incorporating alternative therapies.

When I was taking IV mistletoe at this clinic I enjoyed sitting in the infusion room and speaking with the other cancer patients who were taking their treatments. There is a sense of community and comraderie here between the patients that you will not experience at other medical facilities.

While I believe that God is the ultimate healer, He uses means and I feel that Dr. Hancock and his associates have been one of the means of improving my health. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2017 at the age of 56 with a PSA of 33.7. After a very unpleasant experience with a urologist I decided to treat my cancer on my own naturally (I wish I had known then what I know now). After some Initial success, I took a turn for the worse as my PSA rose to 102 with a Gleason score of 8 and I was forced to wear a catheter for two months and began hormone therapy with another urologist and was diagnosed at stage 4A. I was referred to Dr. Hancock in late 2018 and began mistletoe infusions and repurposed prescription meds in December 2018. My PSA dropped way down by this time but continued to drop to an undetectable level (below 0.014) by the summer of 2019. My PA Oncologist at CTCA remarked recently that I am doing better than 99% of her patients who are on hormone therapy. At this time I am off of the hormone treatment completely and feel better physically than I have in many years. All of this without surgery, radiation or conventional chemotherapy. I do not believe that this would be possible without Dr. Hancock’s methods of treatment.”

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