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Lori D.

“In May 2018 I reached out to Dr. Mark after a reoccurrence of breast cancer (TNBC). I had a very large tumor in my left breast and my objective was to shrink it and then have a lumpectomy. In doing my research I read that it was possible to shrink a tumor using direct mistletoe injections. I was excited when I found Dr. Mark because he was the only mistletoe doctor in the country willing to do direct injections. I began high dose mistletoe IV, subcutaneous shots and direct tumor injections in June 2018. I would have my IV and shots on Monday mornings drive home to Greenville and get into bed to nurture the fever. My immune system responded well giving me fevers each week with the highest fever being 104.4 in the 2nd week. My breast was inflamed and swollen, but didn’t hurt. Recovery from the fever on Monday required me to sleep in on Tuesday, but by Wednesday I was back to my normal routine. My last treatment was in mid-August 2018. By then I had scheduled surgery with a laser breast surgeon in NY for September 17, 2018. The breast surgeon wanted me to stop the mistletoe 5 weeks before surgery to let the swelling subside. At its largest my tumor measured 11cm x 9cm with a tape measure in the doctor’s office. So not an exact measurement. After two weeks post mistletoe shots my breast swelling had decreased considerably and my tumor now measured 6cm x 6cm using the previous tape measure. The lumpectomy happened as planned on Sept 17, 2018 and the pathology report came back NO EVIDENCE OF MALIGNANCY.

The non-technical explanation for what happened in my situation is that the mistletoe shots directly into my tumor aggravated my breast and tumor causing an inflammation which allowed my immune system to recognize the cancer and as a result sent my dendritic and natural killer cells to the site and together, they killed my tumor. I call it a miracle. My objective was to shrink it, so I was ecstatic to hear my immune system killed it too.

Dr. Mark is a blessing. He’s not what you expect in a doctor. He’s super smart, innovative, kind, thoughtful, listens well, and really cares about his patients. He clearly respects his patients and what they want to do with their life and bodies. He’s an exceptional advocate to have in your corner when facing such a challenge as cancer. His entire staff, including his wife Enid and their children are all lovely and create such a warm, loving and healing environment. The world is a better place because of Dr. Mark.”

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