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My name is Shannon Jones, I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 9-19-19 during a colonoscopy ordered due to symptoms of fatigue and anemia. They found a mass in the colon and I immediately called the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta, a comprehensive cancer treatment facility. I did chemotherapy for 5 months and then had surgery to remove the tumor. The colon leaked where it was put together and caused three abscesses. I was hospitalized for three weeks and almost did not make it; my kidneys shut down and the CDC had to study the infection to develop an antibiotic to treat it. Once I recovered at home for three months, I came back to CTCA to scan and hopefully get an all clear only to find out my cancer had returned in the liver.

At this point the prognosis was not good and I wasn’t given very long. I was told there was no cure and we would only treat with chemo to give more time as long as my body could stand it. I reminded the doctor all things are possible through God. I began a praying group immediately, meeting every other week to pray for the doctors to be confused.

I began to meet with my Naturopath at CTCA which is a natural doctor who comes alongside the oncologists and doctors and treats with herbs and supplements. I had recently met a guy online who was a cancer coach who you paid 250 per month and they would coach you on diet and supplements to help beat cancer. I discussed with my naturopath and she recommended, since I had mentioned it to her that I had communicated with the cancer coach, and she said she would be wary of that and would seek help from mistletoe, and gave me two recommendations. I had the same questions you probably do, what is mistletoe and is it the same mistletoe that grows in trees. After prayerfully considering her two recommendations and researching online I chose Dr. Mark Hancock of Humanizing Medicine.

My first consult with Dr. Hancock I knew I was at the right place. At Humanizing Medicine, I had an oncologist and a really good nurse, and Dr. Hancock also known as the “Mistletoe Dr.” I had a family member start a GoFund Me and raised $10,000 in less than 8 hours. We immediately began IV infusion of mistletoe for 8 weeks, alongside the traditional chemo. I cannot say enough what it meant to have CTCA and Humanizing Medicine working together for my treatment. Dr. Hancock put me on mistletoe, repurposed meds, ozone treatment, and thermo fever treatments.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2019, I asked “why?” to anyone who would listen. Why me God? Why does this happen to someone who hasn’t done anything seriously wrong in their life? When I was diagnosed with stage 4, I lost control and could only lay on the floor and ask “Why me?” over and over. These are important parts to my treatment success I will talk about later on.

After multiple meetings with my oncologist at CTCA for other treatments that were possible for me to do, I didn’t seem to qualify for any of them. The Y90 was a new liver-directed therapy with great success but you could only have two spots in the liver and I had five. Due to the spots being on opposite sides of liver, surgery wasn’t an option. The oncologists only said chemo as long as I could handle it, and he reiterated there was no cure. I immediately corrected him and told him that he was not the one who was doing the curing here and that I was being healed.

I began to get back out and coaching football and baseball again to return to normal life. It was then that I met “Molly” a 17-year-old who was going through her third stint of brain cancer while dealing with homecoming and Prom and Mrs. SCHS title. Later I met a Family member named “JoJo” who was a young boy going through brain cancer that seemed to be resistant to chemo and struggled to even take the drug. Once coaching baseball, I was able to meet “Braxton” who was an 8 year who was also going through brain cancer with not much success. He still led the team out on the field every game day and is still fighting today. After meeting these amazing individuals, I stopped asking why me and said why not me?? This was the day my healing truly began.

After my infusions of mistletoe, my CEA dropped to 3.8 into the normal range. I had scans coming up. We still met bi-weekly to pray for the cancer to be healed and to confuse the doctors. After my scans and I met with my oncologists, my 5 spots had gone to only two and was deemed stable and the two had even shrunk. I will never forget the words the oncologist said when he said I’m confused by what I’m seeing. All I could do was praise hallelujah and he was even more confused by what I was doing.

I have continued my mistletoe through injections and I qualified for the Y90 directed liver therapy, which was a success. It has been a year since the Y90 treatments and I have continued to have stable tumor size and no new growth anywhere. I took a Signatera test, which is a test that takes a sample of my tumor and maps out the DNA genome and then take a blood sample to see if there is any cancer in the blood or body. I have received 3 zeros. I have gained my weight back to my original weight. I have recently removed myself from the chemo pill I was taking for maintenance and am only on mistletoe and repurposed meds currently at this time. I promised God if He would heal me, I would shout my story form the mountaintop. There is always a lesson to be learned and God will get your attention one way or the other. I cannot recommend enough when facing cancer and no hope, God and Mistletoe can be your answer.

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